TThe Singapore Work Permit is a work pass granted to low and mid-level skilled professionals seeking to work in junior executives, entry level or semi-skilled jobs. It is similar to the Employment Pass as it can be valid for 1 to 2 years and is renewable if the WP Pass holder remains employed in the company. However, companies have to comply with its industry’s Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC). It refers to the maximum ratio of foreign employees a company is permitted to hire to the total workforce.

You may apply for an WP Pass if

  • You have a job offer from a Singapore company with a fixed monthly salary of no minimum required.
  • You are a Singapore-based company who has an WP Pass quota and wish to hire a foreign employee.
  • Subject to industry by sector and certain specific country/nationality only.
  • You are a Singapore-based company with at least 1-2 local full-time employees and have not applied for an WP Pass before but wish to hire a foreign employee.

WP Pass Privileges

  • WP Pass holders who are earning a higher fixed monthly salary overtime, can apply for an upgrade to a S Pass or EP.
  • WP Pass holders has some limitation for Permanent Residence under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme.

How to Apply

WP Pass applications can be submitted online only. To apply online, the employing company must have a registered access to the portal. Otherwise, they may engage our service to apply for an WP Pass on their behalf. All the above information provided are subject further regulatory requirements and thus our expertise needed is advise.

Processing Time

Online applications are processed within 7 working days. Foreigners who wish to apply for WP Pass are required to be physically outside of Singapore while their applications are being processed. You are advised to come to Singapore only when the outcome of the application is successful. For applicants who are already in Singapore, MOM will not allow the application to be process. Staying in Singapore beyond the allowable period without a valid pass is a violation of Singapore immigration law.

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