The Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a Singapore visa issued to immediate family members of PEP, EP and S Pass holders who are earning fixed monthly salaries of at least S$6,000. This type of visa can only be applied for the following individuals:

  • Legally married spouse
  • Unmarried or legally adopted children who are under 21 years old
The validity of the Dependant’s Pass is the same as the validity of the sponsoring work pass.

Dependant’s Pass Privileges

  • Dependants of EP holders may work in Singapore if the employing company applies for the Letter of Consent (LOC) or Pre-approved Letter of Consent (PLOC). It is a letter issued by MOM or ICA to acknowledge and give approval to DP holders to commence employment. The DP holders are not allowed to work unless the LOC or PLOC has been approved.

How to Apply

DP applications of can be submitted online only depending on the mode of submission of the main pass holders’ application. DP applications of EP and S Pass holders are usually submitted through the MOM portal while DP applications of PEP holders can now be submitted online together with the PEP application or separately. To apply online, the employing company must have a registered access to the portal. Otherwise, they may engage our service to apply for the DP on their behalf. All the above information provided are subject further regulatory requirements and thus our expertise needed is advise.

Processing Time

Online applications are processed within 21 working days. Foreigners who wish to apply for DP are not required to be physically present in Singapore while their applications are being processed. You are advised to come to Singapore only when the outcome of the application is successful. For applicants who are already in Singapore, MOM will not grant extension in the event when your short-term visit pass is due to expire and the application outcome is not yet known. Staying in Singapore beyond the allowable period without a valid pass is a violation of Singapore immigration law.

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